Digital signage content delivery network

One of the key areas for digital signage is in the retail sector, delivering the content correctly is paramount for any signage solution to work efficiently. But first we must understand the challenges to the retail business model. Like all businesses the retail sector is dynamic with new products being released and product promotions on an everyday occurrence. As all the activities take place, the retailer’s customers and employees must be aware of everything at the right time and place to maximize sales. If a digital signage system is informative and entertaining this is a perfect way to keep customers in the store and increases the opportunity to up-sell to them. The most economical and efficient medium of reaching customers is by digital signage. Digital signage provides the modern delivery vehicle for displaying product information, competitive comparisons, how -to demonstrations, menus and pricing in dynamic retail environments.cdn content delivery network google

These electronic billboard leverages internet protocol ip networking technologies in use today. As a result of this retailers normally have the network infrastructure already in place to deploy a signage solution. Content is transmitted from a live broadcast such as a network television or from pre-recorded media such as a DVD or cod. Advertisements, product pricing, information content, in-store music and entertainment videos are simply transmitted to the appropriate geography through the media server at the retailers central location. This way, customers experience dynamic audio and video in their local language. Digital signs are the most effective way to delivery content to the retailer’s customers; legacy methods such as printed media are too costly and take too long given today’s business climate.

Contemporary users need to browse content on their mobile devices. Latency is an important factor to be considered for delivering content to mobile devices. Delivery to these devices must be backed by an aggressive strategy for optimization. free cdn help reduce latency for an enhanced user experience. Every website should aim at enhancing users experience by promoting interactive and informative content. This calls for web optimization efforts to improve speeds of vital elements of websites such as file formats, images, and pages among others. Performances of commercial websites have a direct impact on revenue earnings and overall perception of brands. One can hardly overlook performances of websites because more and more online shoppers are using mobile devices and as per one the forecasts, by end 2017, as many as 26 percent ecommerce sales will be attributed to smart phones. It is also interesting to note that customers who are prepared to wait for around 15 minutes in supermarket queues are sure to abandon an ecommerce site that takes more than four seconds to load.